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Pre Order RearVue Camera System

Pre Order RearVue Camera System


Navigate the roads with confidence and precision using our state-of-the-art Rearvue Caravan Camera System.


This advanced system includes not one, but two 1080P high-definition cameras strategically positioned for optimal rear traffic and rear bumper viewing.


With a wide 170-degree viewing angle for each camera, you'll have an expansive and detailed perspective of your surroundings, ensuring maximum safety and awareness.

Equipped with a CF53 Sensor Chip, our Rearvue Camera System delivers exceptional image quality and clarity, capturing every moment with stunning precision. Whether you're reversing into a tight spot or keeping an eye on traffic behind you, this system provides a reliable and accurate visual aid.

Our cameras boast an impressive 1080 @ 25fps resolution, ensuring smooth and fluid video playback. You won't miss a single detail, making your towing and maneuvering experience effortless and stress-free.

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our Rearvue Caravan Camera System holds an IP68 waterproof rating. Rain or dust, these cameras remain resilient, providing clear visibility no matter the weather.


Enhance your rear visibility even further with our optional Light Bar Upgrade. Illuminate your surroundings and increase visibility during nighttime travels, making every journey safer and more secure. For those seeking extra security and tracking capabilities, our optional GPS Tracker Upgrade allows you to monitor your caravan's location in real-time.


Drive confidently, maneuver effortlessly, and make every adventure a safer one.

  • Specifications


    Width: 236 mm
    Height: 57 mm
    Depth: 60 mm
    Optional Light Length: 140 mm
    Cameras: 19 mm


    Cable: 4PIN
    CableSync Cable: Custom
    Operating Voltage: DC5V/12V


    Camera: IP68



    Unit: 172g
    Wiring: 410g


    Resolution: 080p
    FPS Rating: 25FPS
    Range of Vision: 170 Degree
    Video Output: AHD
    SNR: 60dB
    Sensor Chip: 1/2.9 CF53


    Length: 140 mm
    Weight: 460g
    Light: IP67

  • What's Included

    1 x RearVue Dual Camera

    2 x 10m 4 Pin Wiring Loom

    1 x 3m Custom Simplified Adapter

    1 x 8m Custom Loom to Run through Vehicle

    1 x 7 Inch RearVue Display Unit

    1 x Magnetic Adhesive Dash Mount

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