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Pre-Order FullVue Camera System

Pre-Order FullVue Camera System


Enhance Your Safety and Driving Experience


See it All with Confidence

When it comes to navigating through challenging environments, the BlindVue Camera System has got your back. Designed to enhance safety and visibility, this cutting-edge system ensures you can confidently maneuver your vehicle, even in crowded parking lots or when facing obstructed rear visibility.

Section 2: Crystal Clear Views, Protecting you in any incident!

Experience the world in stunning detail with the BlindVue Camera System's exceptional features. The integrated SD Card Recording Function lets you capture and preserve every important moment on the road. Whether it's for insurance claims or simply 


Section 3: The Visual Powerhouse - 9.96 Inch High Definition Display Screen Immerse yourself in an unparalleled visual experience with the 9.96 Inch High Definition Display Screen. This expansive and vibrant screen brings your journeys to life, providing you with crystal-clear views of your surroundings and camera feeds. Stay informed and in control as you identify potential hazards and obstacles with ease, all thanks to the vibrant visuals and sharp resolution.


Section 4: A Secure and Versatile Display Placement

Setting up your display screen has never been easier, thanks to the BlindVue Camera System's innovative Magnetic Mounting Platform. This secure and versatile mounting option allows you to effortlessly position the screen for optimal visibility. Whether you choose to mount it on the dashboard for easy access or adjust its position to suit your preferences, the Magnetic Mounting Platform offers flexibility and convenience.



Section 5: Elevate Your Driving Experience with BlindVue

Upgrade your driving experience today with the BlindVue Camera System. Our advanced technology ensures that you have the confidence to navigate through challenging environments such as caravan parks, free camps, and when facing obstacles that obstruct your rear visibility. With its SD Card Recording Function and the immersive 9.96 Inch High Definition Display Screen, you'll enjoy a level of safety, visibility, and convenience that sets new standards.


At SafetyRV, we're passionate about enhancing your safety and driving experience. Our mission is to provide you with innovative solutions that make your journeys safer, more enjoyable, and unforgettable. Trust in the BlindVue Camera System to drive with confidence. Elevate your driving experience today!


  • Specifications


    Length: 151 mm
    Width: 60 mm
    Height: 42 mm
    Light Length: 110 mm
    Camera: 19 mm


    Cable: 4PIN
    CableSync Cable: Custom
    Operating Voltage: DC5V/12V


    Camera: IP68
    Light: IP67


    Unit: 172g
    Wiring: 410g


    Resolution: 080p
    FPS Rating: 25FPS
    Range of Vision: 170 Degree
    Video Output: AHD
    SNR: 60dB
    Sensor Chip: 1/2.9 CF53


    Brand: LED Autolamps
    ADR Status: Approved

  • What's Included

    2 x BlindVue Camera and Light Units

    2 x 5m 4 Pin Wiring Looms

    1 x 3m Custom Simplified Adapter

    1 x 8m Custom Loom to Run through Vehicle

    1 x 10.36 Inch BlindVue Display Unit

    1 x Magnetic Flexible Dash Mount

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